The Unknown, Supernatural, and Arcane
TUSA is a present day role-play centering on the lives of...more fantastical creatures. But don't panic! You can still role-play as a human, if it suits your palate.

The Unknown, Supernatural, and Arcane

Lurking within your mundane lives are the Supernatural. Fakes and oddities abound, but we are alive, despite your ignorance.
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 The Rules

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PostSubject: The Rules   The Rules EmptySat May 24, 2014 4:56 pm

These rules go for both role-play and just the general forums. They are very important guys. PLEASE READ BEFORE ROLE-PLAYING.

Color chart:
Green: Small warning, no actual punishment.
Yellow: You will get five freebies, after the fifth time you will receive warning points.
Orange: You will get only two freebies, after the second time you will receive warning points.
Red: Absolutely do not break these. It will result in your banning. 

Forum Rules
• Rule 1. Use common sense, we're not here to babysit.
• Rule 2. No SPAMming, it stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. Don't double post. No excuses, you can edit.
• Rule 3. Respect your peers and your mods. No cyber bullying, we suspect everyone, even fellow mods.
• Rule 4. As for the mods themselves, listen to them and follow the rules. Even if they seem like angry chipmunks, they do it to protect everyone's fun as a whole. No back-seat moderating either. 
• Rule 5. Before role-playing, post a character biography and get it accepted.
• Rule 6. No cussing, you should know by seeing how many child friendly warrior cat role-play are out there, we are one too. Closest you can get is a good old Dang'na'bit'.
• Rule 7. No mature content either, when we see you post something inappropriate, you'll be out of here before you can say, "Starclan help me!"
• Rule 8. Use only one account for all role-play.
• Rule 9. Have fun! (We will punish you if your not having fun!! XD)

Role-play Rules
• Rule 1. No killing another person's cat without permission. You can however kill them if they allow you, but before going and doing that, there will be consequences in the role-play.
• Rule 2. No obsolete powers, ok guys? Your character can't just dodge every single attack your enemy dishes out. We will use dice if this rule continuously gets broken, and who wants to use dice? It's always funner with a story line.
• Rule 3. No SPAMming, I know I said it earlier, but I'm just making it clear.
• Rule 4. Post at least a total of 3 sentences. You will get warnings each time you ignore this rule. 
• Rule 5. No wings, no superpowers, like literally guys, and no abnormal colors, or limbs, please.  This is supposed to be a realistic role-play, besides the fact that the animals can talk and that there is a cat heaven. Code Word: Angry Chipmunks. Be warned, it might change without warning.

• Rule 6. No mature content either please. On the forums and on the role-play.
• Rule 7. Use correct grammar please. We prefer to be able to read other people's posts. 
• Rule 8. 3rd person role-play as well. If you don't know what that is, here's an example: 
Quicksilver darted through the brush towards the retreating mouse. The musky smell of the rodent made his mouth water, and his unsheathed claws dug up clumps of soil as he ran. 
What NOT to do: 
I ran after the mouse I accidentally spooked by stepping on a twig. My eyes crinkled as I felt frustration bubble up inside of me. 'The clan sure will get fed with my awesome hunting skills!' I thought with my irritated sarcasm.

• Rule 9. There is no liquid time here! What I'm talking about is being in two places at once. Please be only in one place at once.

After one month or so of good behavior, or no rule breaking, your warning points will be taken off.
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The Rules
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