The Unknown, Supernatural, and Arcane
TUSA is a present day role-play centering on the lives of...more fantastical creatures. But don't panic! You can still role-play as a human, if it suits your palate.

The Unknown, Supernatural, and Arcane

Lurking within your mundane lives are the Supernatural. Fakes and oddities abound, but we are alive, despite your ignorance.
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 The Whispering Cave

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The Whispering Cave Empty
PostSubject: The Whispering Cave   The Whispering Cave EmptyThu May 29, 2014 12:04 am

The Whispering Cave PUSH530519bc517e

The Whispering Cave is a small, dark cave filled with bioluminescent moss near the source of the river. It is used by the SkyClan medicine cat to share tongues with StarClan. It can also be used to gather moss from to be used for nests and such.

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The Whispering Cave
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