The Unknown, Supernatural, and Arcane
TUSA is a present day role-play centering on the lives of...more fantastical creatures. But don't panic! You can still role-play as a human, if it suits your palate.

The Unknown, Supernatural, and Arcane

Lurking within your mundane lives are the Supernatural. Fakes and oddities abound, but we are alive, despite your ignorance.
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 Snakerocks & The Great Sycamore

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Snakerocks & The Great Sycamore Empty
PostSubject: Snakerocks & The Great Sycamore   Snakerocks & The Great Sycamore EmptyTue May 27, 2014 12:36 am

Snakerocks & The Great Sycamore PUSHf0d729546df8   Snakerocks & The Great Sycamore PUSH6b383a089740

Snakerocks is located quite close to the Thunderpath, it is shadowed by the Great Sycamore, and is not too far from the camp. There is a leafy bank that spills onto the top of these rocks. Snakerocks are a tumbled pile of sand-colored, smooth, round rocks with weeds and plants growing between them. The rocks are a steep slope. It is a good place to find herbs, especially chervil and yarrow, but any cat who ventures there has to be on careful watch for adders, since they choose to bask in the sun's warmth here. They also have to keep a watch out for dogs, since they can choose to shelter here because of the rocks that provide shelter and the sun that provide warmth. It smells of stone, lichen, and the sharp tang of pines. There is a hole at the bottom of the rocks where cats and dogs can go into.

The Great Sycamore is located near Snakerocks, east of the Thunderclan camp, closer to the Shadowclan border. It is one of the tallest trees in the forest, described as a gigantic tree with its crown stretching beyond the canopy that shields the sky. Its branches are strong all the way to the ends, and its roots are thick, twisting around its base and burrowing far into the earth. Young apprentices learn and master their climbing skill and dare one another to climb higher. Sometimes, it can also serve as the use of an ideal hunting place or a place to master stalking.

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Snakerocks & The Great Sycamore
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