The Unknown, Supernatural, and Arcane
TUSA is a present day role-play centering on the lives of...more fantastical creatures. But don't panic! You can still role-play as a human, if it suits your palate.

The Unknown, Supernatural, and Arcane

Lurking within your mundane lives are the Supernatural. Fakes and oddities abound, but we are alive, despite your ignorance.
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 Another Creation by Splashpool

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Another Creation by Splashpool Empty
PostSubject: Another Creation by Splashpool   Another Creation by Splashpool EmptyTue Jun 10, 2014 12:31 pm

Other Characters: Splashpool, Riverclan Medicine Cat

The Basics

Name: Honeyfur
Gender: Female
Age: 36 moons, 3 years, 12 seasons
Group: Windclan
Rank: Deputy?


Species:  Domestic Longhair
Fur Color: Ginger, pale ginger, white
Markings, Scars, & Accessories:
Eye Color: Forest Green
Body Size: Medium


Personality: Sweet, kind.
Likes: Taste of rabbits, Fogstar, (friend!) hunting, supporting her clan
Dislikes: Wisteriaefflorescence, swimming
Fears: Fire, drowning, dogs


Strengths: Very skilled hunter, (very fast) good with words
Weaknesses: Fur coloring makes her easy to see, not very strong
History: Was taken into Windclan as a kit after her parents were killed in a fire. Lived a basic life. Trained especially hard as an apprentice. Since she wasn't born Windclan, she wasn't very fast, but she used up her free time by running, running, and running. Eventually she was one of the, if not the, fastest cat(s) in Windclan. Trained an apprentice by the name of Thrushpaw, who was named Thrushwing upon becoming a warrior. Was made deputy after Fogstar was made leader.
Pictures: Working on it! Razz


Friends: Fogstar, Windclan
Acquaintances: Other clans
Strangers: Cats outside the clans
Enemies: Bloodclan

Anything to add?: Working on the picture, will be up soon. Again, personality normally shows up when I RP as my cats.


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Another Creation by Splashpool Empty
PostSubject: Re: Another Creation by Splashpool   Another Creation by Splashpool EmptyTue Jun 10, 2014 3:17 pm

Accepted. You may now role-play with Honeyfur


Shouldn't you be looking at the main post, Guest?
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Another Creation by Splashpool
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