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The Unknown, Supernatural, and Arcane

Lurking within your mundane lives are the Supernatural. Fakes and oddities abound, but we are alive, despite your ignorance.
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 Coalstar's Biography

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PostSubject: Coalstar's Biography   Coalstar's Biography EmptyTue Jun 03, 2014 3:00 pm

Other Characters: (NA if none) NA

The Basics

Name: Coalspots -> Coalstar
Gender: Male
Age: 40 Moons
Group: Riverclan
Rank: Leader


Species: Charcoal Spotted Bengal Cat
Fur Color: A mix of creme, gray, and black
Markings, Scars, & Accessories: Gray and black leopard spots, with creme stripes under his neck and belly.
Eye Color: Amber
Body Size: (Large, Medium, or Small) Large


Personality: Coalstar has an intense persona. He is very confident in his actions, and he never hesitates to do what's right. However, he can be a little nosey and persistent if he wants to figure something out. He is a very lively cat and can be very friendly and chatty if you draw him out. This cat is very kind and will never speaks out of turn. He is very shrewd and intelligent as well, but if you forge a relationship with him, you will never loose it. His loyalty is strong and so is his bravery.
Likes: Swimming, talking with his clanmates, and fishing.
Dislikes: Misbehavior, irresponsible apprentices, and stress from his duties.
Fears: Water killing his clan


Strengths: Stamina, Strength. Swimming has bunched up his muscles, and it also has built up his stamina.
Weaknesses: Speed, Stubbornness. So much muscle mass has it's disadvantages, and his stubborn personality comes from his persistence.
History: Coalstar was the son of Pineneedle and Fawnstep. They had litters before, but all were still born, until he came along. He was their little angel, and their constant pampering made him spoiled. In his apprenticeship, he was given a dare. He was going to go to Thunderclan territory and touch Sunningrocks, without being caught. He did achieve the deed, but at a cost. Thunderclan discovered the Riverclan scent and declared war. With his guilty conscience, he confessed. The leader at the time punished him with 2 more moons of apprenticeship, but he did not reveal to the clan who did it in return.
So the war waged over Sunningrocks. Pineneedle died from an infected wound that hadn't been discovered fast enough, which made Fawnstep slow and full of grief. She did live through the battle, but soon fell to her death on a patrol to the Windclan border near the falls. Coalspots had already learned his lesson not to be so overconfident after the war had been declared, but his parent's death crushed him. It took him several moons to return to reality, but his personality grew to be the intense one it is now. His obedience soon earned him the deputy rank, and then leader.
Pictures: Coalstar's Biography PUSH3820fe0e3312


Friends: Riverclan
Acquaintances: The other clans
Strangers: All cats that live outside the forest
Enemies: Bloodclan

Anything to add?: ACCEPTED
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Coalstar's Biography
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